Covid-19 Stay Safe Guidelines

Dear Guest,
We are pleased to inform you that we have taken the following precautions related to the Covid 19 pandemic to ensure your safety and comfort during your stay at Thambu Illam. These are based on the guidelines issued by the Health and Tourism Authorities of Sri Lanka.

  1. At the time of check in  the temperature of all guests will be checked using a thermal scanner and the clothing, footwear and baggage of the guests will be sanitized.
  2. Greeting throughout will be the traditional  Sri Lankan greeting, non contact – ayubowan – no shaking of hands etc.
  3. We request the guests to maintain a one meter ( 3 ft ) distance between the guests and staff, always. Staff are briefed accordingly.
  4. At check in, guest to provide additional information on a separate sheet to be attached to the guest registration card –
    • Country of origin
    • Flight detail
    • Seat number
    • Date of arrival in Sri Lanka
    • Locations visited in Sri Lanka before arriving to Thambu Illam
    • Countries visited over the past three weeks
    • Next destination
  5. We will check temperature of every guest daily before they sit down for Breakfast.
  6. The table layout at the Dining pavilion to be with a minimum three feet distance between the tables.
  7. All guest payment should be via credit card as far as possible. Guest must insert and take out the credit card. As far as possible guest to use his / her own pen.
  8. Guest room linen will be changed daily.
  9. All staff will wear masks while on duty.
  10. We will carry out a fumigation once a week of the entire Hotel.
  11. We will disinfect the following before and after each meal serving,
    • Table mats
    • Food cutting boards
    • Crockery
    • Cutlery
    • Glassware
  12. TV / Air con remote controls to be covered with a polythene cover so that they could be easily disinfected.
  13. Guests are requested to use the service providers ie vehicles for transport including tuk tuks, boats and similar facilities for excursions as recommended by the Hotel.
  14. Hand sanitizers will be available for Guests to sanitize themselves at any time.
  15. Staff will wear disposable gloves when handling and serving food and beverage.
  16. Temperature of all Staff will be checked before they report to work. Their clothing and footwear worn at work will be sanitized.
  17. The hotel pool will be closed.