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A lit oil lamps at the entrance of Thambu Illam, a luxury heritage villa in Jaffna

Aadi Amaavasai

July is a great month to visit Jaffna. Why not swing by to observe Aadi Amaavasai and pay homage to a deceased loved one or vanquish one’s bad karma? In 2020, Aadi Amaavasai is on the 20th of July.

Women’s Day

Ladies and Gents! Women’s day is on the 8th of March! C’mon, why not head over to Jaffna to celebrate Women?

Maha Shivarathri

Wondering about creation and procreation in this Month of Love? Why not head to the City of Jaffna to observe Maha Sivarathri. In 2020, Maha Sivarathri is on the 21st of February.

Valentine’s Day

Ah! Does the mention of Valentine’s Day bring a smile to your face? How about a romantic visit to Jaffna to thrill the heart?

Thai Poosam

Thinking about starting your year with some divine blessings? Why not head to the City of Jaffna to observe Thai Poosam. In 2020, Thai Poosam is on the 8th of February.

Thai Pongal

Any plans for January? Why not swing by to the City of Jaffna for an authentic experience of Thai Pongal. In 2020, Thai Pongal is on the 15th of January followed by Maattu Pongal on the 16th.