Delectable Dining in Jaffna

Delicious and authentic Jaffna food available on the menu at Thambu Illam is a strong competition for other food and dining options in town. While there is no in-house kitchen at Thambu Illam, experienced cooks prepare authentic Jaffna food, elevating the ‘fine dining’ experience to one that is filled with warmth of their home kitchens.  

The food on offer range from dishes made from home garden picked vegetables to scrumptious fish straight off the catch and other delicacies prepared by home bound cooks relying on age old recipes unique to Jaffna.

Guests can also enjoy this unique culinary experience at a restaurant situated around 3 km away from the hotel and operated by empowered women (cooks) who dish out freshly prepared authentic Jaffna food from their show kitchen. It is further enriched by the opportunity to speak to these maestros who take pride in their work and will explain the intricacies of their efforts and how cooking each dish has evolved over the years.